Papers on Oxalis

New England Wild Flower Society
Mione, Thomas. 2003.

Oxalis violacea L. (Violet Wood-Sorrel)
Conservation and
Research Plan for New England.
New England Wild Flower Society, Framingham,

Massachusetts, USA.

Informa World
Oxalis papers for a price




Photos and Prints

Exited about this site!
Here you see rare oxalis, the ones you usually only see on print.


Illustrated garden
A part of Missouri Botanical Garden, containing variuos coloured and black - white prints. 


A part of Missouri Botanical Garden, containing oxalis herbariums and photos

Antiquariaat Jan Meemelink
Oxalis prints at a price

University Of Cambridge
Oxalis enneaphylla, herbarium collected by
Charles Darwin in 1834, Patagonia


Many prints, including a note from R. Knuth regarding Oxalis ausensis.


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